Salvaged Building Materials

Here at Denny's Demolition, we specialise in the recovery and reclamation of salvageable building materials. Building salvage is exceptionally economical, as well as being environmentally friendly, as the salvaged materials can be recycled or reused. We ensure that the bare minimum of material is sent to landfills by salvaging everything that we possibly can.

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By using reclaimed bricks, fixtures and fittings in any new projects, the demolition can actually save you money whilst creating remarkable features for your new build. Alternatively, should you no longer want the old fixtures and fittings, we could buy them from you. Due to the versatile nature of salvaged materials, these items can now hold some valuable and, in some cases, we may even pay you for your demolition!

Salvaged Building Materials Salvaged Building Materials Salvaged Building Materials

Reclaimed Materials including Reclaimed Wood

Denny's demolition services take care to reclaim as many salvageable building materials as possible, especially from old, period buildings. We specialise in Georgian and Victorian handmade bricks due to their versatility and sustained popularity.

We carefully salvage a huge range of other building materials, including a large selection of old roof tiles and slates, chimney pots, cobble stones, natural stone flags, staddle stones, and historic garden features and ornaments. Pine and oak beams, sleepers and flooring are also salvaged by our experts on site, fully maximising the ethical and economical potential of a demolition.

This, along with our brick matching service, means that we have everything you need to complement a construction project, whether to match an old building or as part of a classic reconstruction.

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Salvaged Chimney Pots collected as part of Denny's Building Salvage Reclaimed Wood collected by Denny's Salvage Work Bath tubs salvaged by Denny's Architectural Salvage